Filling out "Creating By"

Hey everyone,

New user to Bubble here and going through the Crash Course. I’m learning a lot. I had a few questions that I’d love to get a better understanding of.

Goal: I’m trying to get this area to pull in the user who submitted the recipe but I can’t seem to get the name populated. It comes up as blank. I checked the privacy and made sure all the checkboxes were marked for User data.

  1. How do I get the name to populate? Are my settings correct?

  1. The Post Recipe button does not have a Submitted or Created by button, so I’m curious if this is the issue, that its not pulling in any creator data at all.

  2. How come I can’t enter any data or text in the “Created by” when I go to modify existing data?

Thank you!!!

Created By is a default field for all things (per Bubble). If the recipe was not uploaded by a logged in user, than this field will be empty (I believe).

Make sure that a user must be logged in to create a new recipe and it should work. Assuming you are collecting user names at sign up of course.

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