Filter a repeating group based on a button's value on another page

Hi, I’m trying to use a button on another page (or in my case a button on my reusable nav bar submenu) to filter a repeating group on another page and I can’t find any resources online explaining how to do it.

I can filter a repeating group with a dropdown on the same page but that’s about the limit of my knowledge on passing values to repeating groups.

Here is my navbar with buttons in the FocusGroup. On clicking the submenu items, I can get them to go to my ‘training’ page containing all courses but I need to filter the repeating group to show only specific courses.

Currently, my group is simply searching for all courses.

Here is my basic page navigation when in this case the ‘Revit’ button is clicked.

What I need is for the button’s value (or something contained in the trigger) to match the Software name i.e. Revit, and send the parameter to the Training page.

On the Training page, I would then need to know how to filter the RG based on a random parameter which has been passed to the page.

Many thanks for your help

If you click the box in your last image for “send more parameters to the page” you will be able to name parameters and give them a type/value. Then on the page with the RG you can add a conditional for the data source that if “Get data from page url” is not empty, then use that data to filter the RG data.

Thanks for the quick response. I think i’m almost there. I just dont get the RG filtering on the destination page.

I set the workflow up as a simple button to test.
Sample button

Set the prarameter key as ‘software’ and the value as ‘Revit’. I typed the value as text (not dynamic data as I had nothing to go with)

I can see the parameter in the url.

On the training page, I added a conditional

Unfortunately it just returns all the results as it would without the condition so I guess I haven’t mapped something correctly?

Many thanks

Chris you now just need to tell the filter that it should take the value of the “software” parameter and not put software in a string.

dynamic value > get page url data > software

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Thank you (and sorry) i’m still struggling with getting my head round these URL parameters.

I have done what you said and changed it to get data from URL

In the next dialogue box I have tried to search dynamically for the URL key ‘software’ but it doesn’t exist in the list. If I type it manually it doesn’t do anything to the results either. Should it appear in the Parameter field’s dynamic dropdown list?

Thanks for your patience.

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