Filter repeating group by month

have data types that includes categories and dates input by the user. These categories and dates are shown in a repeating group, but with the date shown only as month and year.

I can filter this group by category, but how do I filter this group by month?

I can only seem to filter by specfic date.

There are a few ways to do this and it kind of depends on your use case.

By far my favourite now, is adding a “search queries” field to each datatype I want to filter. This is any key words/information/date in text format all bundle into a single text field and made lowercase (or uppercase! It doesn’t really matter), remember to add spaces.

jan 15th, 2023

Then when searching for your datasource, add the constraint “Search Queries Contains Keywords: Input’s value” or “Search Queries Contains Keywords: Dropdown’s value” and make sure to check “ignore empty constraints”.

Now every time your filter input/dropdown/whatever it is changes, the change will automatically be reflected in your RG, creating a seamless filter.