Filtering By Date In Repeating Groups Data

I am welcoming everyone who helps me my problem.
my problem is about. How to filter a repeating group by date for example, i have database
which is SALES then i used a repeating group to show all sales products so i want to know the most sales in this month example, from that day 1/01/2024 Upto 1/30/2024 using a date by filtering so in this case how made my filtering by date in my sales data in repeating group?
Anyone can help me and i am thanful to them also If any suggestion to wards me i’m welcoming.

Hey @mohamedinfo504

I’m assuming you have a date or month picker in your frontend to select for which range of dates / which month you want to view the data?

You should have two states of type date: Start Date and End Date. When your user chooses January for example, set:

  • the Start Date state to 01/01/2024 change hours to 0 change minutes to 0 change seconds to 0
  • the End Date state to 01/31/2024 change hours to 23 change minutes to 59 change seconds to 59

You can then set up your Search for Sales with the following constraints:

  • Creation Date >= Start Date
  • Creation Date <= End Date

Hope that helps

@ ambroisedlg
Thank You, Friend i understand much thanks for your help .