Filter RG by Multidropdown selection

Hi guys, I need help with filtering a repeating group using the results to show only the people (connect referees) who have certain tags (connect tag), that have been selected in a multi-dropdown element. The data field for the ‘person’ is a ‘list of tags’

Can someone let me know where I’m going wrong please:

Hi there, @LA81638… the contains operator is used to see if a list contains a single item. If you want to compare two lists, you need to use an advanced filter and do a count of the intersect of the lists. The forum has lots of examples of that in action (here is a recent one), so do some searching and you should be able to find what you need.

Hope this helps.


Thanks. Did see about ‘intersect’ but looked so difficult that assumed I must be searching the wrong thing! Thank you

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Ha good point. " Intersect" gave me some ptsd flashback to terrible sql queries. Good point!!

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