Filter RG on most liked items

I have a RG with listings.
People can like listings.
When its liked by someone, the person is added to the list “liked by”, thats a field list of users in the data type “listing”.
How can I sort this RG by MOST LIKED items?


Store a count of likes on the listing that is incremented whenever a like is added.

How do I do that exactly? Thanks,

You’d use a QPI WF but it’s pretty basic. You should review Bubble’s tutorials before trying to build…

I´ve probably watched every bubble video on youtube.
I cant find it.
Only thing relatable in find is this

But id doesnt say how i can filter for most like to least and how to save an amount of users as a count.

you should rewatch then.

create a field called total counts (number). every time you add a user, change total counts to total counts +1. on RG sort by total counts descending.