Filter suppliers by location with that can accept jobs within a max distance selected by supplier

Hello everyone, happy new year!

I have a challenging issue with my datasource in the repeating group.
My goal is to filter users inside a specific distance range, so far so good.
Endereco (address) is within Fitros Km (type number) of Filtros end (Searchbar.value)

My problem is that some users have a variable call max_dist, that means that this user only accept works with a max distance in km of his own address. And that is when this search start to dizzy my head.

Anyone knows how I can use something like
Endereco is within thisuser.max_distance km of Filtro`s End ? I cannot use any atribute of this user during the search.

What happens now is that my repeating group is showing all user inside the range but some of the list will not be able to accept jobs due the max distance. The only working around is to shows a label to final user that the user in the list cannot accept the job, but for a user experience, it is terrible.

You would do exactly as you say you want to … and you can use the dynamic expressions in the within value as you did for the Filtro’s KM…the only difference is you need a data field on the user that is of type number that will represent their max distance and use the dynamic expression of ‘current users’ max distance’