Filter using multiple dropdowns, how to show in a repeating group

Hi Bubble users,

I want people to filter a list of available persons by creating a selection using multiple dropdowns.

Image a database with 100 people. When someone makes a selection from dropdown A, 15 people that fit the selection from this dropdown will be shown in the repeating group.

Then the user has to be able to narrow the selection by using a second dropdown. For example: after making its selection from the 2nd dropdown only 5 out the 15 people that fit the criteria should be shown in the repeating group.

Is it possible to create this in Bubble? How can I get this working?

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Here is the link to my app: Matched2 | Bubble Editor

I have tried following the steps shown in the following tutorial:

When doing this there are some issues popping up in the list filter

Although in the first of the two repeating group copies i’ve managed to filter the shown repeating group data by the first dropdown.