Filtering repeating group with multiselect dropdown


I am new to Bubble and I am struggling to filter a repeating group using two multiselect dropdowns. I would like to make multiple selections in each multiselect dropdown, which would filter the repeating group accordingly. Here are some screenshots of my app to help:

(Note - I have tried solving this issue using other examples from the forum, but haven’t had any luck. Ex: How to have multiple working options in a multidropdown & multidropdowns filtering each other?)

  1. I can successfully filter the repeating group when I make a single selection from each multiselect dropdown.

  1. However, when I select two options from the same multiselect dropdown, I no longer get any results:

  2. Here is the multiselect dropdown (I have not made any conditionals or edits to my workflow for the dropdowns.)

I would greatly appreciate any help solving this issue and I am a visual learner, so screenshots of what to do are very helpful. Thank you for your time and help!

Hey @fayewatson I’ve read some of your posts on filtering repeating groups using multiselect dropdowns and was wondering if you could provide any advice for solving this issue. Thank you for your time and consideration.

You’ll need to share how you’ve set up the constraints/filters and/or conditionals on the repeating group for anyone to help. Screenshots will be best.


Thank you for the advice. I have not set up any constraints/filters and/or conditionals on the repeating group other than this:

I think this video solves your problem. Start at around 3:30:

Just add two of the conditions that the video suggests, one for the first dropdown and the other for the second. That should work.


Hey @foraanyas thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to make the same selections as you do in your video. Could it be related to differences in the data we use? Here are some screenshots of my data types and app data.

Which selections are you unable to make?

Hey @foraanyas Thank you for helping me attempt to solve this issue. I tried making the same filter selections as you did in the video you sent me, however at 3:46 in the video you make a selection for “intersect with”. This option was not available for me. I took a screen shot of this issue and was wondering if you had any ideas on why “intersect with” is not an option.

Thank you for your continued assistance. I greatly appreciate it.

@cwd, the intersect with operator is used to compare two lists and return the items that are in both lists. Your Household Language field is a text field, so you won’t see the intersect with operator because that field is not a list field, and it can’t be compared to another list field. Is the Household Language field supposed to be a list?

Hey @mikeloc Thank you for this reply! The Household Language field is not meant to be a list.

Okay, then you can’t use the intersect with operator. I assume you just want to see if the list of languages selected in the multi-dropdown contains the value in the Household Language field?

Correct. The Household Language field contains observations (languages spoken) for each state and I would like the user to be able to select one of these and filter the data table ‘LanguageData’

I’ve been trying to follow this other helpful video by @zubair_nocode How to filter a list using a list with advanced filters & multi-dropdowns in - YouTube but I have not been able to make the :count selection as they have done at 1:29. The way they are filtering seems to be how I should do it.

You can’t use intersect with and you can’t do a count because you are not comparing two lists fields. Try building your expression the other way around… see if the multi-dropdown’s value contains the Household Laguage's value.

Hey @mikeloc Thank you so much for you help as I’m getting close to figuring this out. I am finally able to filter my data table for stats on languages spoken in each state by making selections in both multiselect dropdowns:

I know that my use of “and” results in the user having to select both dropdowns to filter the repeating group, but "or " isn’t right either. What should I try instead?

I would like the user to:

  1. See the data in the repeating group without having to make a selection in the multiselect dropdowns. How should I approach this?
  2. Be able to filter the repeating group by selecting the just the language or just the state or both

It would be nice if you could just check the box to ignore empty constraints, but that setting doesn’t work with advanced filters. So, try changing the expression to Multidropdown Search for Language's value contains This LanguageData's Household Language or Multidropdown Search for Language's value is empty. Then, add a new constraint/advanced filter with the same expression for the state multi-dropdown.

Edit: I forgot you can’t use is empty with a multi-dropdown, so you will need to use :count is 0.

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Ok that worked great for showing the data in the repeating group without having to make a selection!! Thank you! Also, instead of or Multidropdown Search for Language's value is empty I used Multidropdown Search for Language's value:count is 0 because “is empty” wasn’t an option.

*Now how do you think I could include my multiselect dropdown for filtering for the States? Would starting a New constraint work or should it be in the same constraint as the language filtering?

Add a new constraint.

Thank you for your incredible patience @mikeloc. I really appreciate your help today.

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Thanks for this! Just what I needed.

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