Filtering a repating group from another page

Hi, everyone!

I have a marketplace app in progress. The main items are displayed in a repeating group, which I call the catalogue page.
The index page is supposed provide users with the chance to go directly to the catalogue page (where the repeating group is) and filter products based on item type. For example, the users clicks on the product category of shoes and he should be redirected to the catalogue page, where only shoes would be displayed.

The only solution I see right now is to have a different catalogue page for a different item category. I fear this is not a scalable solution. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on how to make this process clearer?

I would really appreciate your input.
Best regards

You can send “data” from one page to another in a variety of ways.

Probably the easiest would be to have the listing page with a content type of “product category”. Then when you go from index page you would send the selected category with it.

Alternatives are parameters, or storing stuff on the user. But have a look at the tutorial for “Sending Data to Pages” first. That is probably what you want.

I think Nigel hit the right answer.

Naturally, you’ll want to display the category name in the header of the catalogue page.
If you want to take it up a notch, on the catalogue page, you can display the category name in a dropdown of all product categories. This way, the use can move to another category on that page without having to go back to the index page to select the category.

To do this, simply activate a workflow when the dropdown value changes. In the workflow, go to the catalogue page (even though that’s where you are currently), passing it the category that is now the value of the dropdown.

I’m doing this in a project-task app. On index page, from a repeating group of projects, select a project. Workflow goes to project-tasks page with the project name shown in a dropdown. On the project-tasks page, user can select a different project from the dropdown and the page changes to show tasks for that project.

Good luck.