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Filtering based on multiline input?

I have a table of data that I am showing to users and I want them to be able to filter the data to show only rows that contain word A or word B or word C etc. e.g. only show me rows that have Jane or Fred in the forename field.

I currently have a multiline input that lets users add the words they want to filter on and I have a filter setup that uses ‘contains keyword(s)’.

My issue seems to be that this only shows results that contain word A AND word B AND word C but what I want to show is results that contain word A OR word B OR word C.

Is there a way of doing this?

Hi @wrightj2,

This might just be your lucky day, this morning I Updated the Quick Find Search Plugin with a new Multi words feature (see example). When checked, this will perform searches for all individual words present in the input (i.e., words are treated as an OR).

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions,

Hi @fabrice.latour04 Let’s hope so :slight_smile: Can I just check in more detail that the plugin does what I need.

I have a table that shows a user’s Google Search Console data, as per this screenshot.

I then have a ‘Questions’ filter that is pre-populated with a default set of question modifiers, which the user can add to & amend. When they hit the Apply button, I want to filter on the query column (which is keywords from the Google Search Console API) for any queries that contain any of those question modifiers (are, can, do, does, how etc. etc.)

Hope that makes sense.

Hello @wrightj2,

Currently, the Plugin only works by searching data from an input field, but I’m actually adding the functionality for it to work without an input field.

Until then the best solution I see you can do is add the Advanced: operator and you intersect with comparator.


Hope this helps,

Thanks for the tip and I’ll keep an eye out for an update to your plugin.

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