Filters, And & Or for Multi-dropdowns

I would greatly appreciate help with filtering my repeating group with both multi-dropdown inputs and regular dropdowns.

This is what I would like to accomplish:

  1. Data Section: “Listing”
  • Category: (data type = text)
  • Size: (data type = text)
  • Looks: (data type = list of texts)
  • Colors: (data type = list of texts)
  • Materials: (data type = list of texts)
  • Borrow Price: (data type = number)
  1. Filter all Listings with the above 6 sections as follows:
  • Category AND Size AND Looks AND Colors AND Materials AND Borrow Price
  • Category: value1 OR value2 OR value3…etc (from a dropdown)
  • Size: value1 OR value2 OR value3…etc (from a dropdown)
  • Looks: value1 OR value2 OR value3…etc (from a multi-dropdown)
  • Colors: value1 OR value2 OR value3…etc (from a multi-dropdown)
  • Materials: value1 OR value2 OR value3…etc (from a multi-dropdown)
  • Borrow Price: choose 1 value (from a dropdown)

I basically want to filter between the 6 sections with the AND method but filter within each section with the OR method. I’m having issues because some of the values are from a multi-dropdown while others are from a single dropdown.

@fayewatson I would significantly appreciate your help on this if you have time. I have followed your editor for both the Movie-filtering example and Search-filters example. I see that you’ve done what I’m trying to do separately, but I can’t figure out how to do them together.

From the Movie-filtering, I want to have all 6 sections be multi-dropdowns even though the original data type is a regular dropdown for some and multi-dropdowns for others.
I’m open to other suggestions and solutions other than what I have explained above. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out (@ whoever responds!)

I would love to attach my editor but I don’t know how to. As of now I have basically replicated the example, Search-filters, on my editor for 2 of the 6 sections (the 2 that are regular dropdowns) but am stuck on how to move forward.

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