Filtering Chart "Value Expressions"

I am trying to create a chart. The chart displays # of users.

Users can self-assign 1 or more tags (called “needs”) in their personal accounts. This chart plots all the “needs” along the x axis. The y-value needs to show the number of users that have the “need” assigned to themselves.

I can get that far, but I am trying to add filters to the value (y-axis, sum of users). There is a “gender” filter and a “life stage” filter, meant to refine the number of users totaled for the y-axis.

Whenever I try to “filter” the number of users in the value expression, I don’t have the option to filter the users by the dynamic data in the filter drop downs. The closest I have gotten is to make the data source the “needs” to get the x axis individual labels. If I make the data source the Users, then I cannot get my x-axis to represent single “needs”,

Anyone have any ideas?

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