Filtering data from an API call


I have an API call.
It is hitting a database with a lot of data.
I want to filter it out before I do anything with the data, as the call often times out.

Below is a screenshot of the API call.

The call is working. It is extracting the data. But the filtering isn’t working.

I have a parameter, whereby the primary_drug_id field should be equal to 641.
This is what I would like to filter. I only want to include data where the primary_drug_id=641.

Any help would be massively appreciated.



filter it from your repeating group and not from the api connector

Thanks, mate.
Is there any tutorial on doing that?

So simple.

In terms of the API call itself. Is there a way to stop it from timing out? I just get an unresponsive page error message and have to close the page:

It’s quite annoying, because I just quickly reinitialize the call.

take off everything after application/json