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API Issue - Filtering

Good Morning,

I am having some issues with my API call. Using the Bubble API Connector.

So, I am trying to call a request from the following:***********&OrderStatusId=19

I get a list of all of the orders, not filtering by order status 19… which in our term is picking skipped.

Can someone please advise how I can add filters to an API Call within bubble API connector?

for example;***********

Then how would I add filter to only search for the “OrderStatusId=19”

Thank you

IT all depends on the api. Some let you add a query parameter right into the GET/POST calls. Others don’t.

What do the docs say for how to filter a query?

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thank you for coming back to me, I have raised the question also with mintsoft. The provider of the API

Thank you


I have tested the API via Postman, and it returns the correct results no problem. In this example, the reason is to pull all the ‘Picking Skipped’ orders which is order status ID 19.***********&OrderStatusId=19 - Works fine and returns the 3 Picking Skipped items.

However when we push this into Bubble. And then try and show the count of the Picking skipped orders. It should show 3, However it returns 100? So I am unsure where it is pulling this data from.

Can you advise, what I would need to call via the dynamic data to get this information?

So for example I am just trying to show the count here :

I am currently just using the Mintsoft API Call > Count - which I believe should show the count of the data received. Which should be 3. As there are only 3 picking skipped items. Can anyone advise on where I am going wrong here? as I said in bubble it shows 100. But in postman its returning the 3 which is correct…

Thank you