Filtering repeating group search queries

I have found several methods to implement searches for the exact string or the keyword contained in it (referencing the example below, I can only get it to return 1 result).

How do I search is a text field contains a part of a string?

To reference a SQL example: SELECT … WHERE Fruit LIKE ‘%Apple%’

List of Fruit: Apples, Oranges, Apple
Query: Apple
Desired Return: Apples, Apple

How can I implement this type of filtering on a search string?

Standard Bubble gives you “contains” and “contains keywords” as options, the latter being more flexible. You can read the Bubble documentation on those and experiment with them to see how they behave and if you can live with either.

Beyond that I think you need to use a plugin that expands the text search functionality. I don’t use any so I can’t recommend one, but you’ll see them listed in the plugin store and discussed on the forum. My only tip is if you have a huge database, be aware of how a search plugin works because if a plugin is pulling the search to the client side it isn’t likely to scale well.

Contains keywords is almost it, just needs to be contains string. I saw someone figure it out in a forum post but the link I saved stopped working. Don’t think there was a plugin involved but I didn’t look. It looked like the search query was saved in an element on the page, then had this which bound the repeating group to the filtered query. I wasn’t sure how to implement it…

This filter is for backend. Will keep this in mind for the front end stuff.

From the name I’m guessing that’s this plugin: Search & Autocorrect Plugin | Bubble

I also forgot to mention Bubble’s searchbox feature, which has text searching, but that will only deliver an individual result.

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