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How to Display all the matching data in repeating group for each word typed in the input?

Hello Bubble experts :wave:

Can anybody guide me how to Display all the matching data in repeating group which matches each word typed in the sentence of input element?

For example:-
if i type “cancer deaths in last century” in my input element
then my repeating group should display all the results from my database which contains the words
cancer, deaths, in, last, century

Example (this doesn’t work :point_down: )

Thanks in advance for your help :pray:

Hi there, @mdburhan3… have you ever come across this thread? It should help with regard to understanding how contains keywords works and how it differs from contains. I’m not sure what you mean when you say contains keywords doesn’t work, but it obviously isn’t returning the results you are expecting, and maybe that thread can help you understand why.


Just to make sure we’ve taken all into account, what is in your conditional?

Hi @mikeloc
Thanks for the thread (I checked it out just now, it clears my confusion between “contains” & “contains keyword”) :+1:

I think i need to elaborate more

I have a table called “Dataset” in which there is one field called “Title”

I have an input element where i typed "cancer deaths in last century"
Then in my repeating group i want to display all the titles which contains the word “cancer”
or “deaths” or “last” or “century”

the results i want to get is

  • 2Oth century cancer data
  • breast cancer
  • last man on earth
  • last year cancer deaths
  • cancer + covid undetectable

As you can see titles in my database contains atleast one word from the input “cancer deaths in last century”

@cynthia.conrad1 Thanks for the response
In my conditional i was trying some styles its nothing (i removed it)

It seems like contains keywords should do the trick (or at least be close)… what results are you getting from the search?

@mikeloc here are the screenshots

this is my repeating group datasource

You’ve probably done this already, but have you tried using contains to see if the results are closer to what you want?

@mikeloc It’s even worse, not even close (maybe because of case sensitive)

  • is it possible to extract words from the input ?

Oh, wait… you know those searches are case sensitive, right?

@mikeloc yes
But when i use “contains keyword” it doesn’t care for case sensitive…

In short, what i am trying is to display results like google search
Whatever you type in google it gives you more than 1 search results (related to your typed input)

My understanding is that contains and contains keywords are both case-sensitive, but if you’re sure it’s not related to that, you might want to contact Bubble support so they can dig into the data and searches with you to see if there is an issue here.

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@mikeloc ok thanks :+1:

I think @mikeloc has a point. Might be jumping back in a bit late here but to eliminate any possibility that the case sensitivity is a factor to your issue (both with “contains” and “contains keyword”), use a filter defined in arbitrary text, and confront the input value:uppercase to the data values:uppercase. Or lowercase for both if you so prefer. The important thing is to have the same baseline.

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Also, you might want to check out the fuzzy search plugin.