Filtering a Repeating group with Multi-Dropdown values

Hi guys,

I am trying to figure out how you can have a repeating group display results based of matches between two Data Types.
Basically I am trying out a search app and have DT (product), and DT (user).

The user prefills their inputs on profile and products has a section where I create products with certain criterias…I have steel etc on there and would like to show this in a repeating group only when users multi-dropdown choices match those from the product page which also uses a multi-dropdown etc but at the moment it is showing either all or none.

I have tried -
Content type: products
data source: do search for > products…this shows all

Content type: products
data source: do search for > products>constraint = products = current users products…this shows none
Am I not referencing between the two correctly ?
Ive been at this part for a week trying to read through different forum posts and watching some youtube vids but yet to find a solution to my problem :frowning:

Any help with this would very much be appreciated :slight_smile:

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