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Filtrando mais de um item de uma lista

Tenho 2 Repeating Group um de Fornecedores acima e um de Cotação abaixo
Preciso filtrar os Fornecedores que fornecem um ou mais itens das Cotações abaixo conforme código de 3 Letras, EXemplo DEM.
Embaixo para cada fornecedor Selecionado deverá também ser Filtrada somente o Item da Cotação que o Fornecedor Atende.
Ex. Fornecedor-2 somente DEM , então o Filtro de cotação abaixo somente envia o item DEM.
O Fornecedor 1 e 4 Atendem o DEM e o RCE portanto para ambos irá somente a Cotação abaixo filtrada para DEM e RCE

Hey @vignatti10

Thanks for the post! This will depend on the underlying data structure so it’s difficult to provide an accurate answer without knowing what that looks like. But, lets say you have a field that is a list of texts. What you might do is use the repeating group’s list of records’s as a constraint in the :filtered for the other repeating group. You might also experiment with building the constraints directly into the source of the repeating group, but this could slow down the initial loads and I’m not sure if you want it filtered from the beginning, or only after some have been selected.

If you’re interested in some hands on help with this, you might check out our Coaching marketplace where you can work with Bubble experts on an hourly basis to solve problems like these. Worth a look for sure…

And of course, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] with any additional questions.

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