Find and replace with '/'

Find and replace doesn’t work with ‘/’

Try ‘’ and it won’t work.

It’s working fine for me…

Can you be more specific with the problem you’re having?

Sure, I’m trying to find ‘/’ and replace it with anything, but nothing is being replaced because the find and replace function can’t find the ‘/’ in ‘

I’m splitting with a ‘,’

But yeah every time I do ‘’ or ‘’ as an input, nothing changes

I can’t reproduce the issue - the find and replace is working as expected for me (even replicating exactly the set up you’ve got there)…

So it could well be a bug…

The only other thing to suggest - you’re certain you don’t have an extra space after the / in the ‘text to find’ box (i.e. '/ ’ instead of ‘/’)?.. or a line break?

Checked and I don’t have anything

In that case I’d file a bug report, as it’s not working for you as expected…

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