Find scroll position of element via Toolbox plugin

I am trying to find the scrolling position of an element via the Toolbox plugin (editor).

I got the javascript from gpt3 but I think I am doing something wrong with the workflows since I did not get any value back.

Does anyone have an idea?


ask gpt3 how to do it in bubble

already did. it helped, but not enough for me to completely solve this

on the get element by id make sure you pass it the id of the element. and you can give the element a name like this

if you see the editor this is what I did. I gave the button the id that I use in the javascript (scroll_position)

Are you using the javascript to bubble element to return the data?

yes I am


@sensei01 heres the code to return the scrolling pos in y


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then store that result into a state

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