Does anyone (please) know of a plugin that can track the X and Y position of an element? Or how to do this at all?

I have elements inside a repeating group that can be dragged around. However…

  1. bubble can’t reach for information of elements inside a repeating group.
  2. I therefore can’t reach each cell’s specific element’s x and y positions.

ex: find the x/y position of the shape element in cell #3. That’s it! That is all I need! Man but it’s been so hard. Just because bubble “can’t know” which element it’s referencing (if only they enabled to get the info as set by an ID instead of automatically giving you a set of options that will never reach inside the repeating group…)

I’ve came up with a very DIY method but its been about four days now and I can’t get it to work properly.

I just need something that will let me access x and y positions of the element it references! It can be anything, I just need to get to it dear god please.

My current diy method is I’ve set HTML codes within each cell of my repeating group that resize a shape outside of it according to the element in the cell’s x/y position (since the html is in the cell, it can reach for the info while an outside save button can’t). So as it tracks the x and y position of the element inside the cell it resizes a shape outside the repeating group.

So, when I want to save the coordinates I just save “shape A’s width” (to represent the x-cord) and another shape to represent the y-cord alike. For natural reasons I’m having many little issues to come through with this…

I tried making my own plugin where I could just add it to the cell, have it reference the object near it with ID, and allow me to access its properties (x/y). No idea what I’m doing. I just need the darn coordinates!


Hello thank you for answering! I have tried to use the conditionals tab but my issue is that I can’t get the coordinates out because they’re in a repeating group.

So even when the x and y position change, I can’t get an outside workflow to trigger so it saves the coordinates you know?

I can’t, from the outside, for example “when drag drop group 1’s x position changes… save coordinates” because bubble doesn’t let you identify it unless it’s outside of a repeating group :frowning: mainly since each cell has a “drag drop group 1” so there’s not an actual way to specify which particular group of which cell to save from … “it can’t be done because bubble wouldn’t know where it’s talking about” which emmanuel mentioned in another old thread. Hence I’m needing to find a workaround but man it’s proving tough.

Like, how do I know for example that cell 3’s drag drop group’s coordinates changed, so I can save them? I’m truly bummed out. It is my fourth day now. Sorry for the little rant.

Ah… either way, this is probably one of the toughest issues I’ve come up with and I don’t feel great about it.

Through Bubble’s vanilla functionality one cannot access RG’s contents from the outside.

Explore a plugin called Orchestra by a very talented Bubbler Vinnie @vini_brito

I have never used it but its function is precisely this

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Thank you. I’ve actually been trying to understand it or make it work since yesterday too but the documentation hasn’t helped much… They talk about “class” but I don’t know what it is and there’s also no explanation of where it’s used, how, or what it even means. Is it like an ID? I don’t even know where it’s used.

sdfsfsdfsdf | Bubble Editor this is their demo, if you see in folder two I can see they run something to toggle the workflow inside the first cell but I can’t understand it at all. For the preview it’s just the “toggle number one” option, the last button. It’s literally 2-step workflow you can see using step-by-step but I can’t figure it out.

Do you think it’s possible to jump start this workflow on a loop every x seconds? Oh man.

I did exactly what they do, except instead of a button triggering the workflow it’s a “do every x seconds”:


Exact same setup (I don’t even know what class means or where else it’s seen other than in this first workflow but I set it to be the same… maybe I’m missing where else this “vision” is added, but it’s nowhere seen other than this step in the workflow)

STEP 2: In their workflow they do a “toggle reveal” for a password input or something. Instead of that I try to run my version to update the x-coordinate which is the action I need.

I am seriously crying inside at this point…

I am so desperate I’ve tried making my own plugin and I can’t even code. Lol. That went out the window quickly.

I think I created plugin for you a few years ago for this? I may still have it

Hi, I remember you yes! lol.

I actually just checked it and in theory it would work, but I can only access the “width” and “height” it gives me… I need exactly, literally, that functionality, but for the coordinates.

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-12 080034

I mean, literally this. I wish bubble just let us get properties by ID as well rather than a fixed set of options. Jesus christ!!! My coffee has been decimated doing this.

Hi @julpereira82 :wave:

Try the RepeatingGroup Tools from BDK. It is easier to use.

Thank you, do you maybe know where I can see the specific functionality or how to see it before? I really don’t have a lot of money so buying it right away to try is a little scary for me…lol.

Sure… in his page (#Item 16) you can see all the documentation, examples, and videos…

You also can check the live app and the editor.

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