Finding a sum of items in a category

On my platform, the user can enter an amount and an associated category saved to one collection called payments. I need some help displaying the sum of the categorized amounts—for example, all the payments in the grocery category. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Repeating group with the datatype Text, datasource would be Do a search for Payment:each item's Category

Inside the cell put a text element, datasource would be Do a search for Payment, with a constraint Category = Current cell's text, then after the search do :each item's Amount:sum

Might also want some text inside saying the Current cell’s text so there is a Category title for each cell (or do it in the same text element as the sum)

This could prob be done without a RG if you just want like a vertical list in a text element too using the :formatted as text operator

Thank you for the help but when I tried it I got repeat categories:

Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 1.09.25 PM

Also, I tried to do it without a RG but I kept running into errors… I may need to break categories into a separate data type. What do you think?

Do :unique elements after the category search.

I do agree though you’re better off making a Category datatype.

I ended up going with the category data base then filtering the records based on the created user. This was definitely the right choice.

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