Help with repeating group please

Please ,help me , how can I create a block with categories in bubble like that in photo I attached ?I dont understand how can I create and where need to take the data…with what I need to begin…

Assuming your categories are a datatype, then just use a repeating group, with a content type of Category, and the datasource set to search for Categories…

Then, inside the RG cell you can display the current cell’s category’s image and name etc.

that’s what I did


So what’s the issue?

or maybe it’s needed to do with html …

They will be retrieved from your database. In your case, from the categories table specifically.

Do you already have the categories name and images?

If so, place a text field element inside the first square of your repeating group and as the default text of it, you can write something like “This cell’s category’s Name.

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The data is taken from your database, so as long as there is data in the database that matches your search criteria, and there are no privacy rules set that prevent it from being seen, that data will be loaded into the repeating group.

But if you want to display anything on the User’s screen, you’ll need to add visual elements inside the RG cell, such as images or text. etc. to display the relevant information from the Category’s database entry.