Fingerprint Reader, is it possible?

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This is a random question that I don’t expect much from but thought it was worth throwing it out there.

If I track attendance in my app for a school, can that be done with a fingerprint reader? Please see this video for a better explanation.

Video Explanation:

Potentially using this device (or any device):

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Today i have meeting with biometric devices company what they told me they will make it available for me through An API i have to pay yearly fees for hosting my data online. And i will do an API GET into bubble.

Hey there, @ben4… I can’t help you with your question, but I am very interested in the finger print reader use case from a user experience perspective, so I hope it’s fair game to ask a question along those lines.

Is the idea that the school already has access to the students’ fingerprints for some other reason and you are just taking advantage of that with your app? Or would you be asking the students to provide their fingerprints for the sole purpose of tracking attendance in your app? If it’s the latter, I wonder how many students would actually be willing to provide their fingerprints for that purpose.

Again, it’s just a very interesting use case to me, so any light you could shed would be really cool. If not, no worries at all… just curious.


Please keep me in the loop! Thank you!

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As I am just the builder, I dont have much knowledge of their workings. Here is what I have tried that didn’t work. We were going to use a code that the students enter into a tablet or other device to check into a class, that I though about how some students might just get their buddies to do it for them. (this makes more work for the teacher and there is a potential for inaccuracies, this isn’t good for a state regulated school) So this idea got tossed. Then we moved onto Biometrics and the only thing that I was able to work out was fingerprint. I know they use this method to clock people in and out for work, but that is different. The system just logs in and out per employee. Here its different as it also has to tie to a certain day. Idk how to even begin to work this out.

Back to your question, I dont think its inappropriate for a school to request fingerprints for attendance, its no different than asking for a social security number incase a student defaults on private financing.

I assume the schools would get them when the student enrolled. This is just a conversation for the time being. Who knows if it will go further? Thank you for asking :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the insight, Benjamin… that’s just a really interesting problem to me. Too bad you can’t check students in automatically via gps, but I know that wouldn’t work for a number of reasons.

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Using a USB biometric reader is completely doable. Just need some Javascript to read from the reader and authenticate the user. Check out the link here -

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Here is a all in one solution -

Reader is like $45 and api is free for 60 days not sure how much it as after the trial. If you do go down this route, ping me and I’ll try to help you implement it with Javascript.

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If students are required to have devices (my school required everyone to have an ipad), then you could make students sign in using an authenticator app. I feel like there may be some legal issues with fingerprint scanning. Other than authenticator apps, I can’t see any full proof ways.

I would assume the device would be in the room of instruction, probably mounted on the wall. Have you read something that would lead you to believe that there might be some legal ramifications to using biometric tools in schools?

Assuming it’s a high school or any school with underage students. Taking their fingerprints would be illegal without parent permission I believe. Even then not everyone would consent to this data being taken. Personally I would 100% deny my old school having my fingerprint on record anywhere.

Ahh got it! I didn’t think of that because it’s a post secondary educational institution and you must be 18 to attend. At that point, you dont have to consent. I’m sure the school can make arrangements for those that dont want to give that data.

What if the fingerprint data is converted to a string of text/token? You don’t necessarily need to save the fingerprint image itself.

You dont think that the fingerprint would need to be stored to create a match? this might still be a 3rd party system, but it would still have to store the fingerprint to match with.

With biometrics no actual scan/picture is stores, only certain features/characteristics of it are store for future comparison…