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Face authentication for employee attendance management


I have the following business case. Many of our company members have to assist for weeks to our client’s facilities, and we need to be able to track their attendance.

These are some restrictions:

  • We need to provide the means to take this attendance, and usually, these field team members don’t have internet access on their phones. Hence, we need to provide a device per active client facility for them to identify.
  • A time clock would not be feasible, since some facilities are under construction.
  • Having a username and password can be easily bypassed, so we would prefer to use the face or touch id available on some phones.

I’ve found zero-code Face & touch ID plugin, but I’ve found the following disadvantages:

  • It is restricted for phones
  • It requires creating a user, but we only want to validate our employee attendance at the facilities.

Do you know of any other plugin or third-party service that can be integrated into Bubble to achieve this?

How about using QR codes? you can get a USB scanner for about £40 which can scan an employees QR code.


I don’t know of any plugins on the market, but there’s plenty of 3rd party services out there that can be brought into Bubble. Just depends on your budget. Things like Microsoft Faces API (Azure) or Google Cloud Vision, etc.

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Already thought of that, but QRs can be bypassed simply using a photo of it.

I guess this might be the path. But by doing a simple picture to picture comparison would not be an option, since this can be bypassed with a picture on the phone.

I´m no expert in this area, but maybe there is something like a SAML o SSO that includes a face authentication method (useing the touch or face id in IOS or its equivalent in Android)

Well you have 2 options. a QR code that is on the employees device, scanned by the location device, or the other way around, the employee scans a location QR Code. In both instances you can use a dynamic QR code that changes ever 30 seconds and is effectively a time stamp. you would need a server connection on at least one device, unless your app can cache effectively.

I´ve found a Plugin that might do the job

I´ll update on how well it works

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