Finished MVP made with Bubble

Hi everyone!

I’ve just finished my first product made with Bubble! :partying_face:

It’s an MVP for a tool that makes giving and receiving peer feedback easier and more fun.

You can test it out at this link. (It was made specifically for mobile, so if you test on the desktop it might look a bit weird :stuck_out_tongue:)

No personal data will be saved as everything works via emails and URL params. :wink: The product is super-raw… but it does work!

Try asking a buddy or a team member for some feedback then let me know how it went!


How can you prevent users from sending out obscene content without having any details on the user or signing any documents stating they will not do so? This might get you in some legal trouble right?

Congrats on the launch :dizzy:

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That’s a good point. We will implement abuse flagging on v2, and also account functionality (this way we’ll know who the users are)

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