Firebase authorization with Bubble API

Hello Bubblers. Anyone having experience Firebase API authorization?

What I am trying to achieve is building a dashboard in Bubble by using the stats from Firebase. As described in Firebase docs, there is a step needing authorizarion in order to create an Access Token, and then I need to use this token to get the stats from Firebase.

Can this be achieved with the Bubble API Connector? If yes, which Authentication should be used?

I have followed the Firebase documentation to create service account and private key and tried different Bubble API authentication but always getting errors.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

It is JSON web token.

Most of it is here … but for a different service. Same auth though, and it worked for Firebase.

Thanks Nigel, very helpful! I followed your video step-by-step, it seems to be very similar. After I initialized the API call, I received the following error:

Any idea what might be wrong?

I am thinking if I am missing something regarding the point “Add Firebase to your app as described in the Admin SDK setup guide”. Should I add something in Bubble to initialize Firebase or add SDK somehow? (I am sorry, I don’t have coding experience)

No, the SDK is not for the likes of us :slight_smile:

Have you set up a Service Account? Maybe try recyling the keys, as it may have expired?