Firebase User Authentication - SignUp /LogIn (idToken)

Hello all,

I’m trying to get a user verification token after the signup/login process of the user in Firebase.

[Firebase Auth REST API Documentation]
(Firebase Auth REST API)

I have entered the API_KEY parameter. I’m getting a Status code 401 error.
Has anyone managed to configure this type of connection with firebase?

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I have been able to get Firebase User Auth to work using Firebase Auth UI, but I am unable to get Bubble to recognize the authorized user as the Current User without creating a username and password in Bubble’s Auth system. @saizromero.armando did you ever figure this out?

I’m having the same issue as @david19

@bill10 we managed to get it working, but it’s not a clean solution at all. We basically used bubble as an Oauth provider for Firebase Auth. So we had to write a separate login page in react (pick whatever framework, that part doesn’t matter) that redirects to our bubble login with an a code to handshake between bubble and Firebase. It’s not a solution that’s easily shared in a forum, but when I have some time I can try to share it.

I see. @david19, our workaround leverages local storage. We use a local storage plugin to store the user_id we get from the firebase authentication. Thus, we can login, and stay logged in by recalling the user_id from local storage.