First API try; TTLOCK

Hello Everyone;

Does anyone have a idea why my api call return me :
{“errcode”:10007,“errmsg”:“invalid account or invalid password”,“description”:“username或password错误”}

When it look like my settings are good ?
It’s my first api connection; I hope i didn’t mess up :slight_smile:
The api documentation :

Your password should be (32 chars, low case, md5 encrypted) are you encrypting your actual password?

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Thank’s I didn’t understand that was me that have to set the md5 encrypted !
Much thank’s !

yah you have to do it, it happend with me too when i was learning API, but most of the time i use 64 char encoding . i use to encode in 64, it does not provide 32 as far i know. you have to do a bit googling . :wink:

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