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First Day of Month as Initial Content

I have gotten close to calculating how to set the initial content of a date picker to show the first day of the month. The trouble is I think I need a -(days) instead of a +(days) formula:

Initial Content = Current Date +(days) Current Date extract: days

<-- need to either make the days value negative or have a -(days) function.

Also there seems to be a change (hours, years) to a certain amount, but not for days…yet (fingers crossed).

Any tips?

for getting -(days), I used +(days*-1).

and :change days is not available. I tried to find a workaround with :extract days/month then sum but could not do it in a clean way.

Let us know if you need change days, that’s easy to add.

I couldnt figure out how to edit the +(days) to read +(days*-1). If possible, adding the option to change the days of a date that would help emmanuel. Thanks!

We’ll add this later today.

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