Fitbit API export - research study


I am a researcher at a university that would like to download the Fitbit data of our participants within our research study. I have set up a Fitibit developer account, registered an app and connected it to a very basic bubble project. I have two questions that I need help with.

  1. I am getting the following message and wonder how I can adjust the callback URL so I do not get the error:
    “The app you’re trying to connect did not provide valid information to Fitbit. Please report this issue to them.”
    “Developer information: invalid_request - Invalid redirect_uri parameter value”
    I have entered the generic URL that the bubble Fitbit API provides.

  2. After the participant has authenticated, how do I then access their data to export?

I am a researcher in sports science and a coding novice, but I am a quick learner and would appreciate help or a brief how to guide of how to complete the above, or advice whether I should be looking at something else.

Best wishes


Any luck with this, Andrew? I’m working on similar problem.

Hi Jake.
No, unfortunately not. All solutions/advice were behind a paywall so I ended up opting for the low tech, participant export for my study. I would be interested in knowing if you do manage to figure it out.
Best wishes