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Callback URL for API calls

Hi there,

Can someone please let me know what the callback URL is supposed to be for a bubble app?


We don’t have such a concept is bubble (it’s a bit code-y). What are you trying to do?

I have the Fitbit API, which requires a callback URL.

When authenticating, it says ;invalid callback URL’

It should just be the page you’re adding the sign up with fitbit action.

do you have any decent tutorials? The YouTube one isn’t really helpful

I thought this may be easier than developing it myself. But having now played with it, I don’t think that.

I’ll just get on and write a little PHP app.

Cheers for the help

There’s a screenshot of some callback URL setups on widgets (e.g. spotify, uber, dropbox etc.) that we’ve attached in (click the ‘instructions’ popup in any preview to see something like below). That should help you. There’s also a step-by-step setup guide in the same popup if that helps.



I’m trying to use the Fitbit API

In the below (from 2013) you say that you need to work on the API as they deprecated their old one.

Did you ever fix it?