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Flexbox Issue / Request

Wish you could also conditionally set max width. When page is < 685px change the max width. I’m getting a big gap on the left and right side of flex elements inside the flex container no matter what I do cause of the “set max width”.

Here is a link to my tweet with video showing issue.

I do not have this problem:

Maybe the gaps are caused by the margins of the two groups in which you placed the elements (New Customers +stuff below and Earnings + stuff below)? If so, you do have the option to set het margin width based on the page width for instance:


I don’t think I conveyed this right. After your blocks break to another line look how much gap stay on the left and right of your text element. It looks fine for text but other elements it looks way too big of a gap. Just a picky design thing from my end.

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Ah ok, thx for the add. explanation. Maybe there are ways to solve, play around for a while.

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Would this be close to what you need?

It is but it looks like there is no padding or margin on the left and right side of the text and the text is stretched all the way horizontally. Close but not fully.

Ah ok, that isa matter of adding a max width (400px) and margins (20px) to the text, additionally I added the condition that below a current page width of 420 the margins go from 20 px to 10 px:

This x100000. I need this all day every day. Especially when breaking columns from 3 down to 1.