Floating Box when text is hovered

I want to create a box that appears when certain text is hovered, for example wen the client name is hovered in my RG a small box will appear with some extra info on the case.

Is this possible in bubble?


Create a Reusable Element (RE) with the same content type as your RG (i.e. ‘Client’)…

Add a text element to that RE to display the Parent Group’s Client’s Name

Add a Group Focus to the RE with the content type of Client, and datasource of Parent Group’s Client, and add whatever you want to display inside it.

Create two workflows… 1 to Show the Group Focus when the Name is hovered, and 1 to hide it when the Name is no longer hovered.

Make sure the RE is only as tall as the text element inside it (don’t worry about the GroupFocus, that will still display)

Then just add that RE to the RG, and set the datasource to the current cell’s Client.

ok great, so to clarify i am replacing the current text element i have in the repeating group with the new RE which always shows client name but then when hovered shows the Group Focus?


only issues with this is that when the hover box appears it stretches the height of the entire row which doesn’t really give the desired effect. The hover box ideally needs to appear floating over the RG

you must have your layout settings wrong then if that’s happening…

The ‘hover box’ can be any size you want it to be…

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