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Floating Group - Anchor to another element - Responsive Engine

I am using the new responsive engine and have a floating group that becomes visible after the user has scrolled to a certain point on the page.

The problem is the floating group is anchored to either right or left of the screen. Leaving a massive amount of blank space between the floating group and a group containing content that is centred in the middle of the screen.

Is there a way/workaround/hack to anchor the floating group so that it stays 30px or whatever from this middle group? I’ve seen a few forums but none of these seem to work and I suspect that is because they were not based on the responsive engine.

Any help or pointers to other info would be much appreciated!

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Well, a Floating Group is positioned relative to the screen, so there’s no way to anchor it to an element. However, you can change the left or right margin conditionally based on the page width, which might at least keep it in the desired proximity between major breakpoints.


Yeah thought this would be the only option. Just thought someone might have come up with something else. Thank you