Floating Group doesn't stick to bottom

Hi all,
I saw a few tutorials. Also read some forum posts but it still won’t work.

If I will check the preview in my browser, I dont see any sticky floating group at the bottom of the page as expected:

Please help.


Already set it to “bottom”:

Thanks for that video. It’s over an hour …!

Remove from the URL the ?debug_mode=true


Wow - You did it!
Thank you so much !!! :partying_face:

Should provide you with the means to tackle further responsiveness instances that will likely come your way.

Wait to go @boston85719 :wink:

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Last thing (I hope) :wink:

How should I handle this…? (Top is perfect. Bottom menu is also fixed correctly but my content is not correct:)

The 100% height setting is 100% of the browser window height, which is not necessarily what anybody expects if not familiar with how CSS works. It is not really something that Bubble has done wrong, just that it doesn’t really work how most non-coders would expect it to.

So, when you have for example a group as a header which is let’s say 90px in height and the browser window height is 990px, your group that you have the repeating group inside of, when set to min height of 100%, it is getting a height of 990px (the browser window height), and so add in your 90px of header group and the 990px of the group containing the repeating group and you have yourself 1080px.

In your situation, you also have a top margin of 60px, which adds another 60px to the height of the element. If, you do not intend to add 60px to the height of the element, just for spacing the group below the header group, you can use the Padding top set to 60px. Margin adds space outside of the group, while padding adds space inside of the group.

What you can do, which I think you probably are, is use a floating group for the header, which I believe has a height of 60px, then the group containing the repeating group should have a top padding of 60px and a bottom padding of 60px (the height of your bottom floating group). But, if it were me, I’d actually probably put the top padding and bottom padding at 80px each, so as to have 20px from bottom of header until the RG and 20px from top of the bottom floater to the bottom of the RG.

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I’m really happy and so surprised that the support in this forum is most one of the best have ever seen.
All of you are so friendly and helpful. It’s so unbelievable.
Thanks so much for all of you!

BEST FORUM EVER! (also best product I’ve used so far!)