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Floating group has weird responsive behavior

Hello everyone, I’m experiencing a really weird behavior with floating groups in relation to responsive design.

In short, the floating groups do shrink by browser size appropriately when I decrease its size manually, but when I reload the page on inspect mode (mobile screen size) or actually load the page on a mobile device, the floating group remains larger than the correct screen size.

For instance, here’s the image of an interface I’m working on.

when I shrink the browser size manually, the responsive behavior of the message-input floating group at the bottom of the screen works fine

But when I reload this page, or as mentioned, open the page on mobile, this is what the page looks like. As you can see, the floating group is gone

But when I zoom out, I see this weird thing happening

I don’t understand why this is happening. The UI works fine on tablet screens - phones are the problem. This problem is actually occurring in all of my pages with any floating groups that occupy the bottom of the screen.

I checked into the layout system of my page multiple times but no problem could be discovered.

Any help would greatly be appreciated!

Thank you.

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