Floating Group Height Change to respond to page size

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen,

Does anyone know the settings to get a floating group height change to respond to a page size?
Example. I need a floating group to shrink from 136 px to 80 px when the page size is less that 1000 px.

Thanks a lot!

Bubble’s responsive engine gets a little weird when you expect it to change heights. Its typically only going to grow and shrink the element horizontally while maintaining height.

What you could do is this, have two different floating groups, each a different size, and in the responsive editor, add a “hiding rule” to both

the larger one you can have hidden when the page is 1000px<
and the smaller one you can have hidden when the page is <=1000px

hope this helped, I know its not exactly what you we’re looking for but it achieves the same goal.

Let me know! Cheers

Thanks Anthony.

Appreciate your help. I will use the method you have recommended.
Bubble should improve this function. It it is very useful for page responsiveness.
Do you know id Bubble’s team reviews each message on the forum, or the users have to write directly to them?

Thanks again,

In my experience if a topic brings up an issue or bug with bubble, a moderator or team member will respond.

You might get a response for general questions like this but they typically are working on bubble itself. Otherwise you should send a message to them directly with their ticket support service. I’ve got some good advice and even video recording help from a team member before. They are great.

Thank you.