Adjusting Scrolling

Good afternoon everyone,
First and foremost thank you for taking the time to view and respond to this thread.

I was hoping I could possible pick at some more experienced Bubble developers brains.

Background: I am building a native app, I have arranged the app into groups and show/hide them as needed. Using the groups to act as pages. Some groups are required to be larger in size due to the content inside.

Issue: I would like the ability for the groups to only be vertically scrollable if the content inside deems it necessary. Right now, when I change pages (Groups), the current group remains scrollable regardless of its size.

Any input or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, and have a blessed day!

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If the group is set to fit height to content then it should only take up as much space as it needs, which should restrict scroll. Are there any groups which are potentially hidden but not set to collapse when hidden?

Hey Oliver thank you for the reply,
Currently the container layout for all of the groups is set to fixed. Could this be the issue?

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Could be if the fixed size is too large.

I would suggest using the responsive design options so then you’re going to be all good no matter what size screen someone is using :slight_smile: