Floating Group in Header


I have a Drop down menu which is floating Group , in the header
it makes the header so big , so in all the pages the big part down not visable but u cant click or interact with any element in the page in the same area hidden in the header
any Idea ?

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I just had this same issue. Can someone please answer this - how can I use a floating group as a popup in the header (below the header bottom bounds) without causing the header boundaries to expand?

I just fixed it , very simple change the menu from floating group to group focus , right click on the menu floating group and choose replace by another element and choose group focus , then u have to choose the item will be related to the group focus , which the button when the user click it , will show the menu

and one more tip
when u add workflow to the button to show the menu , use toggle not show , because toggle will make the menu disappear if it lost focus .


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