Floating menu covers page content

Good evening,

I have been facing an issue with my floating Menu.
The idea is that when the user clicks on their avatar, a floating menu is displayed. The problem is that when the menu is displayed, header gets bigger and cover the content of the page (which is not clickable anymor, see pic 1).
If I bring page content to the front , then the menu is not clickable anymore :slight_smile:

Picture one, showing that the content page is not clickable if header is in front (using pesticide for displaying html elements)


Picture 2 : when the content page is on the front :


The menu is made of a floating menu containing another group :

Capture d’écran 2021-02-17 à 18.18.12

Does anyone of you know a workaround or has already face the same issue ?

Thank you !

Have a nice evening

Replace the floating group with a Group Focus. The Group Focus is the appropriate type of container element for this type of menu.

It worked perfectly thank you

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