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Floating Group - Mobile

Hey all,

I’m using a floating group as my menu on mobile. When the user clicks the ‘burger menu’ the floating group should appear on the left. However, the floating group appears to be acting like a normal group & it appears after the last group. Any ideas about why this may be happening?

Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 9.34.21 AM


Toni here, from Bubble community, I will be here to guide you through the case, and hopefully we are able to solve it together! :smiley:

Is it behaving the same on the desktop?

Could you take a screenshot of the floating group “Layout” settings?

Have you tried to refresh the page, or perhaps to add new floating group, test it in another way on the same page, different page?


Hey Toni,

The menu works perfectly on desktop & even functions when ‘inspect’ sets the screen to a simulated phone.

I have another floating group for the header that works correctly on our home screen - thanks!

Nice to see hear and see you solved it right away! Would you like to share with others what was the issue, it might help someone in the future “automatically”!

Or the case is not solved for that particular page, on the phone screen?


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The page has always functioned on the ‘simulated screen’ however when utilizing a physical phone, the issue persists

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Have you tried on another phone? :smiley:

Regreatably, I only have the one phone atm.

Do you know if this is related? The message has started appearing on the simulator

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When you say “simulator”, I guess you refer to the version-test, or developer mode so to say.

I think the message is not in relation. What is about that element (on the first photo in this thread) underwhich the floating group is nested?

If you replicate the page, (by creating a new clone page, and remove the element, is there the same issue?

Apologies for my obscure terminology: By simulator I was referring to google’s inspect element tool - allowing us to simulate ‘another phone’

If it helps, I’ll share the link to my editor below - how do things look on your end?

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Yes, are were right, the menu on the mobile it appears on the bottom of the page, as the last element, but if you scroll up and down, the menu element “glitches” and goes to the top.

It seems to be a bug, please submit the report to bubble: Support | Bubble and perahps link this thread to save some time hopefully!

Hope this is ok, and we see each other along the way! :slight_smile:

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Perfect - just sent it!

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