Floating footer

Hello, The floating footer that I’ve created in the ‘native mobile’ bubble app doesn’t show at the bottom of the screen in the browser on mobile. Will it show properly at the bottom of the screen when converted & deployed to mobile? Thank you!

Whatever shows in the browser is what will show when wrapped as a hybrid mobile app. Can you share a screenshot of your floating group settings?


Hey K, I’ve found that positioning the group correctly in Editor view is key here. Your group is probably floating somewhere off screen.

In edit mode, play around with what happens as you move it to different positions vertically in the page.

And here’s correct positioning. Here, the PAGE element is selected. That message entry area aligned flush to the bottom of the page element is a floating group:

Here’s the same screen with the Floating Group selected:

Maybe that helps? BTW, of course also check for things like you don’t have a hiding rule hiding that element or some condition that’s hiding it, etc.

I don’t use floating groups a lot and the first time I messed with this I’d assumed that floating groups were something like pop-ups or group focus elements and that they could live anywhere in edit mode but would position themselves automagically based on the float settings. (But float settings as noted in the inspector are relative, so you can do things other than flush align a floating group with a screen border, etc.)

ok I got it to work, thank you!!!

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