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Floating group on top of floating group

I can no longer put a floating group on top of another floating group at the bottom of my page, how do I achieve this through the new responsive engine?

Hi, did you try selecting the floating group and right clicking on it to send it back or to bring forward?

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Floating groups live above or below the page, in that they are not ‘stackable’ as other elements are when placed into containers such as a column container.

In order to get the two floating groups to ‘stack’ put the settings on both to be the same, I believe in your situation you want them float relative to bottom. Then on the one you want to have be ‘on top’ make the bottom margin equal to the height of the floating group you want to be on the bottom.

So, floating group A is on top of Floating group B. Floating group B height is 60px…the bottom margin on floating group A should be 60px.

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yes perfect this was the solution, simply setting a bottom margin, now its basically what i had before. thankyou.

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