Floating group still "occupying space" when hidden

I created a floating group that collapses when not visible, but despite being collapsed, it still “occupies the space” and prevents the elements beneath it from being clicked.

back end

front end

If I delete the floating group, I can click on the elements.

Is that a “normal” behaviour and I need to find another approach or is this a bug ?

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Hey there, @dee. Are you sure it’s a floating group? I ask b/c when I add a FG to a page, there is no option to collapse when hidden. Nor should one need to collapse a FG since it should not take up any space when hidden.



I also have the same issue. The floating group does not have the option to collapse when hidden, and it occupies the space even when hidden :neutral_face:

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Thank you @sudsy - I agree, that’s what I thought initially too, and why I activated the hide when collapse thinking maybe that would fix it :wink:


Pretty sure it is… :slight_smile: it has all the Floatygroupythingy parameters.

I added a new one to the page just for the sake of testing right now, and it too has the option to collapse when hidden.

I guess I should report this as a bug then ?

I think it’s a bug on your app. I recreated the scenario and it works fine for me as I can click the items underneath when the floating group is hidden :slight_smile: .
(New responsive Engine)

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Awesome… will do then Thank you @deejay.shani

Mine is a reusable element… maybe that could explain ? (If you wanted to test that scenario for the sake of it :wink: )

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Hi dee… I think the reusable elements are wrapped in a parent group. Maybe you are hiding the floating group and not it’s parent container (Which should be empty now but maybe it has fixed width?) :slight_smile:
P.S. How did you even get the reusable element to float over other elements? I am unable to do that with the new responsive engine :grin:

oh… sorry, I wasn’t clear… the whole “page” (group) is a resuable element, not just the floating group

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It works for me as a reusable too. I think it’s time to contact Support :slight_smile:

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Done :). I posted the bug. Thanks a ton for your help

thanks for your article

:rofl: Gotta love those floatygroupythingies.

Indeed, I can confirm that a FG placed inside a RE does in fact have the option to collapse when hidden (although I’m not sure that it should).

Out of curiosity, is the FG at the root level of the RE, or is it “inside” another group within the RE? I ask because I discovered that a FG that’s inside a regular group within a RE doesn’t actually float like it should, and maybe that’s causing the problem for you.

If any of the issue checker issues in your screenshot are like the following…


…then maybe moving the FGs to the root level of the RE might resolve the issue.

Of course, I don’t think a FG should be able to wind up inside another container, so I’ve submitted a bug report on that.

We do love 'em :wink:
Thanks for checking that on your side. The FG is at the root and I tried deleting the element and creating a new one just to check, but same same. I’m going to work with Bubble to try and fix this and use a popup for now me thinks.
Happy Sunday !

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Any update here?