Why cant floating groups height be collapsed when hidden?

Just curious. I dont understand why it cant be collapsed like other groups.

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The idea with a floating group is the it floats over the content around it, so it shouldn’t interfere with the height of it’s parent element as it’s not ‘nested’ within it.

A normal group will be nested inside a parent element, so you dont want that whitespace if the element is hidden, hence a height collapse is necessary. On the other hand, floating groups float outside that and if they are hidden they wont leave whitespace.

Does that help?

Yes, thanks. For some reason I was thinking the floating group took up space when hidden.

min seems to be taking up space. When it is not shown, it still leaves a blank space above the other group :confused: I can’t seem to find the solution.
Because when I do put the floating group over the group that it’s meant to be hovering, it simply doesn’t show (when all other groups are stacked)

Any help please?

Not sure whether this is still unsolved or whether there is a native fix by now. I didn’t find one, so my workaround was to add an HTML element that sets the floating group’s width to 0 when the page width is below a certain threshold… hope this helps.

Hi Barbara, will you share the html you used for this? thanks