Floating Group within a group

I have two groups. Group A is a floating group and Group B is a normal group. They are both set to ‘Fixed Width’ and next to one another. As the screen is stretched, I want these two groups to stay centered and next to one another. But instead, the floating group sticks to the left and Group B moves to the right. Changing Group B’s ‘Fixed Margin’ does nothing.

I think putting both Groups in the same group would make them move together, but if I do that, the floating group stops working.

Would really appreciate any advice anyone could provide.


Would it help to put two regular groups into one floating group instead, and making the parent group transparent?


Well, the floating group served a purpose. I wanted Group A to scroll down along side Group B.

I’ve realized it’s impossible to achieve what I want. There’s no way to adjust a floating groups responsive behavior, so unless one is using a floating group as a header/footer or left-sidebar, it’s useless when it comes to responsive design.

It’s not a huge deal, but it’s frustrating not being able to achieve the exact layout I want.


I have exactly the same problem. I’m trying to reproduce this layout https://mobile.twitter.com/home
Does someone solved this problem since the question was asked ?

I have the same issue and still no solution

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Same issue

same issue. Any solution?

same issue, 6 years later.

What’s the real problem? Any prints? Any examples?

Thankyou this solved my issue petter.