Floating groups do not work as expected

Previously, floating groups worked as shown here.
Here is one that I made work within an application I created previously.

However, when we did the same thing today, the behavior was as shown here.

Have the Bubble specifications changed? Or is there a mistake in the settings?

Thank you.

I’m not entirley sure what you’re refering to… (both videos show the floating group behaving precisely as expected)…

Maybe you can clarify what you mean by ‘not working as expected’?..

Or, perhaps you’re referring to the difference in the editor with the New Responsive Engine?..

The editor works differently with the New Responsive Engine (that you’re using in the second video)… there is plenty of information and tutorials about the new responsive engine, in the Bubble manual, and in this forum, so if that’s what you mean then I suggest spending some time familiarising yourself with how it works.

Thanks for the reply.
I don’t understand English and was using Google Translate, so the text is not correct.

I see that New Responsive Engine exists. I will learn.
Thank you very much.

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