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Can't get floating group to work


I just can’t seem to get a floating group to work in the new responsive editor.

The group below is putting itself to the top of the page above and over the floating group.

Seems like something really simple to fix but just can’t work it out :frowning:

You can see in the attached images the main floating group and the group over it.

Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong? :slight_smile:

Do you mean that’s happening when you preview the page? (or just in the editor?)

Ahhhhhhh Cheers @adamhholmes

Bit annoying that it doesnt show as an element in its own right in the editor but it works in preview :slight_smile:

Cheers for your help :slight_smile:

It’s doing it again and I can’t work out why :frowning:

Me again :slight_smile:

I’m not a new bubbler, been here for about 2 years but am really struggling on what I’m doing wrong here.

I’ve made a loom video which shows and explains what’s happening.

Is it a bug?



That’s the expected behaviour…

Your repeating group is positioned at the top of the page, so that’s where it will be.

A floating group exists ‘above’ the page, and will ‘float’ on top of the page, so the behaviour in your video is exactly as expected, and as it should be.

If you want the repeating group to appear ‘lower’ on the screen than the floating group (and therefore to not be obscured by it), just set the top margin of the RG to be at least the height of the floating group.

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Thanks Adam, that makes sense but seemed a bit weird having to use margins but as long as it’s the way it’s meant to be done, I’m good with that​:joy::joy:

Thanks for your help😃

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